What is O Level? 

O Level falls into the General Certificate of Education examination system of the UK and is among the world’s highly recognized qualifications for young students. O Level Chemistry code is 5070.

Benefits of O Level:

It helps you to discover new abilities and enables you to develop more skills. Cambridge O Level helps you in gaining more understanding and knowledge of the subject content. Moreover, it gives you a clear pathway to educational success in your life.

Importance of Chemistry in our life:

The chemical reaction that takes place in plants and animals results in the creation of substances in some plants and animals that can be used to treat illness. Chemistry is important to our everyday life because it provides us with medicine and the food we consume daily comes directly from the chemical processes.

O Level Chemistry Syllabus 

[as mentioned in Cambridge O Level Biology 5070 Syllabus]


• acquire scientific knowledge and understanding of scientific theories and practice

• develop a range of experimental skills, including handling variables and working safely 

• use scientific data and evidence to solve problems and discuss the limitations of scientific methods

• communicate effectively and clearly, using scientific terminology, notation and conventions 

• understand that the application of scientific knowledge can benefit people and the environment 

• enjoy science and develop an informed interest in scientific matters which support further study


1. States of matter 

2. Atoms, elements, and compounds

3. Stoichiometry

4. Electrochemistry 

5. Chemical energetics 

6. Chemical reactions 

7.  Acids, bases, and salts 

8 . The Periodic Table 

9. Metals 

10. Chemistry of the environment 

11. Organic chemistry 

12. Experimental techniques and chemical analysis

Chemistry O Level Past Papers

You can download one or more papers from a previous session. Please note that these papers may or may not reflect the content of the current syllabus.

Cambridge O Level Chemistry 5070 Past Papers PDF Download

Chemistry O Level Assessment Overview

All candidates take three papers. Candidates will be eligible for grades A* to E.

Paper 1: Multiple Choice

Time:  1 hour

Marks: 40 marks Weightage 30%

40 four-option multiple-choice questions

Externally assessed

Paper 2: Theory

Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Marks: 80 marks Weightage 50%

Short-answer and structured questions

Externally assessed

Practical assessment

All candidates take one practical paper from a choice of two:

Paper 3: Practical Test

Time:1 hour 30 minutes

Marks: 40 marks 20%

Questions will be based on the experimental

skills in section 4

Externally assessed

Paper 4: Alternative to Practical

Time:1 hour

Marks: 40 marks 20%

Questions will be based on the experimental

skills in section 4 Externally assessed

Cambridge O Level Biology Books

Resource 1:

Cambridge O Level Chemistry (Hodder Education)

Written by renowned expert authors, this resource enables the learner to effectively navigate through the content of the revised Cambridge O Level Chemistry syllabus (5070)

Recommended GCE Guide Chemistry O Level

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