Cambridge O Level

O Level falls under the General Certificate of Education examination system of the UK and is among the world’s highly recognized and popular qualifications for young students. It is the doorway for attaining professional education of the highest caliber either in Pakistan or even abroad, as GCE is the preferred system for all overseas educational institutes.

O level studies allow you to:

✔ Broaden your career aspirations
✔ Open opportunities for the best international (or local) studies in the institute of your choice
✔ Develop a set of skills with which you can lead a more fulfilling and exciting academic and professional life ahead

Our Cambridge Learning Academy in Lahore is among the few institutions in this city that provide an excellent learning opportunity for the academic advancement of the student. Whether he/she belongs to the Science Group, Commerce Group or Humanities Group, CLA’s precise methodologies guarantee an exceptional preparation of the O level studies.

Comparison of O Level and Matric

Sometimes you may hear a general opinion floating around that O Level studies are much harder than Matriculation examination employed by the Government of Pakistan under the SSC; but it is an indisputable reality that O/A Level students do get an upper hand on other students when it comes to communicational and intellectual abilities because the GCE system relies on developing skills, rather than just polishing your academic aptitude.

Therefore, make the better decision for your future, and join Cambridge Learning Academy Today for a Better Tomorrow.

O Level at CLA

CLA Academy focuses on developing the students’ academic knowledge and skills in:

✔ Your selected O level subjects
✔ Communication in English
✔ Understanding behavioral, societal and cultural issues
✔ Growing intellectual capacity

O Level Subjects

✔ Law
Business Studies
✔ Maths/Add Maths
✔ Sociology/Psychology
✔ Mathematics
✔ ICT/Computer Sciences
Pakistan Studies
✔ Urdu

O Level