Grade 8 Introduction

What interests me? What am I good at and passionate about? Grade 8 is the time to decide.

Students in Grade 8  have to have a strong grip on following 4 major subjects if they need to pursue in Business, Computers and Engineering, even in Medical they need 3 out of these 4. Subjects are: English, Mathematics, Science and Urdu.

How your child assessed?

Your child’s learning is assessed using a variety of tools and strategies. These assessment methods tell you and your child’s teacher about your child’s strengths, the areas in which they might grow and how well your child is doing throughout the course. This helps you and your child’s teacher to change or refine their teaching plans to ensure that learning activities better meet the needs of your child.

At the end of the course, your child is assessed and their achievement is reported so that you know if they have achieved the expected learning outcomes for their grade.

Resources to help your child

A variety of digital and print resources, developed by CLA teachers, are available to help students learn. Teachers may select, and bring into the classroom, numerous innovative and creative resources to create rich learning experiences for your child.


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Maths Syllabus

1. Percentage

2. Ratio & Proportion

3. Volumes & Surface Area

4. Angles, Triangles, Polygons, Constructions

5. Graph of Linear Equations in Two variables

6. Travels and Conversion Graphs

7. Statistics

  • Frequency Table & Histogram

8. Mean, Median & Mode

9. Indices and Standard Form

  • Scientific Notation, Application of four operations in Standard Form

10. Algebraic Expression, Formulae

11. Expansion and Factorization of Algebraic Expressions

  • Solving of Quadratic Equation
  • Problem solving Algebraic Functions