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At Cambridge Learning Academy, our vision is to 'deliver quality education and atmosphere to learners'. The core values that every member of CLA team adheres to are:


C - Caring Towards All
L - Learning Commitment
A - Accountability & Integrity


CLA aims to foster one big family where students and mentors are able to interact openly with respect for every individual, in an amiable environment that aids in establishing strong rapport between students and teachers. This will then enable students to achieve their maximum potential.



At Cambridge Learning Academy, we are convinced that a highly effective teaching pedagogy should involve the seamless assimilation of the teaching and management teams. Our strong belief in teaching methodology has attracted many qualified and experienced mentors whose support is propelling it towards excellence.

Always putting our students first, CLA also goes beyond academic excellence to oversee the welfare of the students by ensuring that they are provided a truly encouraging learning environment that can come only from a management-owned, and purpose-built building. The whole premise is secured with state-of-the-art surveillance & monitoring system since security of all CLA inhabitants is our prime most responsibility. Further, the Cambridge Learning Academy (CLA) nestles itself in the heart of modern Lahore city alongside some of the most iconic monuments like Lahore Expo Center and The Emporium; accessibility to the academy is quite convenient. With our optimal average teacher-student ratio standing at 1:20, our students can expect undivided attention and assistance from their tutors. The sum of these elements forms the equation of what is indeed a truly exciting educational experience that will bring out the best in learners like you.

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