A Level

A Level the next step in the GCE qualification, is offered in Pakistan by a variety of private institutions based on the examination standards of the UK. Spanning across Pre-Engineering, Business, Computing, Art or Pre-Medical; whichever track you choose for yourself, A Level education not only prepares you for your future educational aspirations but also for your chosen career path’s escalation.

Cambridge Learning Academy is one of the finest academies in Lahore that offers world-class coaching for your A level studies. CLA’s curriculum is specifically designed to prepare the student in:

✔ Developing a dexterous approach towards a variety of A Level subjects
✔ Allowing them to polish their proficiency in their chosen niche
✔ Developing cognitive and analytical skills and develop a proactive and problem-solving approach to all life matters.
✔ Enhancing their confidence and adeptness in communicational and presentation skills

The A Level program at Cambridge Learning Academy is among the most venerated and progressive programs in Lahore. Our academy ensures the highest grades in your desired subjects, because we follow a proven system that guarantees positive results. In addition to our wide-ranging academic backing and support, we employ a system where the student develops a comprehensive understanding of the curricula alongside engaging in activities that delivers enrichment in all aspects of his/her educational and professional life.

We at Cambridge Learning Academy believe that for the prodigious development of the student, he/she must be challenged; therefore our academy implements an outcome-oriented approach towards the A level students where their performance is evaluated regularly in a variety of ways; whether it be quizzes, class activities, debates or other fun competitions. Our program is tailored according to each individual student’s capacities and abilities; therefore we assure you exclusive attention and devotion from our CLA Experts.

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A Level Subjects

✔ English
✔ Law/Economics
✔ Accounting
✔ Business Studies
✔ Maths/Add Math
✔ Chemistry
✔ Biology
✔ Sociology/Psychology
✔ ICT/Computer Sicences
✔ Physics
✔ Chemistry